What is Microsoft SharePoint Used For

Many companies are using SharePoint consulting services, but they are not all using it for one purpose. SharePoint actually is not a one software program rather a platform for different types of programs. It is not something you will get today from a shop and install on your computer but a back end system which ties all your mobile devices, computers, and employees together allowing all of them to synchronize their effort and communicate. The main goal is to make it possible for the company with over than hundred employees in different regions to work with the same level of coordination and agility like a company working with five employees in a one single office

SharePoint’s main function is to store the documents in an effective format than any other regular folder and brings an organization together such that every person in the organization receives critical information that is relevant to them.

What is Microsoft SharePoint used for?

SharePoint is a great software for creating and also maintain an internal intranet site for the company. Creating and internal intranet service for the company has many benefits, the least being, it allows for internal publication and reviews of important employees.

SharePoint is designed for getting the organization into one central point whereby the employees collaborates. This is very important for an organization which is not geographically connected. With some of its branches in an isolated format, it can provide the staff with the ability to connect with one another through the portal. Collaboration builds a company culture and fosters innovation which spawns creative ideas.

SharePoint can also be used as the document management application, the employee handbooks which were previously printed out with the significant amount of paper and ink can now be posted on the SharePoint site. The documents shared on Sharepoint can be accessed by every employee in the company, unless when the document has limited access to the smaller group of the company.

SharePoint is secure and flexible enough to be used as a company website. Allowing same content management and document management which is provided to the employees to be provided to the customers.

Business intelligence
SharePoint can be used to provide all the business data and makes it possible to use the data to make better decisions. It makes it easy to search through the endless company files. Once you have decided on the new course of action, it can be instrumental in finding everyone in the company on board with their implementation.

Why a Library is Important For a Community

Libraries have not only been good and beneficial to students but also to community at large. We all pursue knowledge and exposure. Knowledge has been a good pillar to the society. A library is very useful and has everything to offer to society. We all know that libraries have served a very crucial role in learning. Library offers the society a chance to learn and gain knowledge. Library helps develop informational literacy in its users. Informational literacy simply means the ability to identify, locate, interpret and use information effectively. Library has everything to offer to a society that is in search of knowledge and education. Libraries promote education and know-how to students and non-students in the society.

A library is defined by three fundamental functions:

· Selection to create a “collection”

· Organization to enable access

· Preservation for ongoing use

A library facilitates and supports teaching and learning since it is a fundamentally and well organized resource. Of course library has physical components that help the learner to learn comfortably. A library has chairs, space, equipment, intellectual components and storage media among other essentials.

Libraries serve intellectual and social roles in the community. Libraries help bring together people and ideas hence creating unity and togetherness. Libraries bring together people with knowledge and different approach and perspective. Library may also serve as an interdisciplinary center since different learners from different disciplines meet. Nowadays we also have modern libraries that have made it much easier to access information. Digital libraries allow access to diverse information available beyond physical space shared by groups of students and community learners. Library promotes exchange of knowledge and ideas. Digital libraries promote, facilitate and enhance professional learning. Digital libraries break down the physical barriers between resources even though these resources remain specialized to meet requirements and needs of a specific community of learners. Community can also have access to entertainments in form of music CDs and movie DVDs. Recorded books makes learning easy. You can listen to an educative stuff while walking, traveling or driving. Library also helps children develop good and high skills in learning, entertainment and unity through regular story sessions among others.

Libraries also help in promoting and motivating reading and writing programs for adults and your people. Libraries provide a space for club or group discussions, contests and personal reading. Libraries have been of great help to the society. Most communities have benefited a great deal from libraries. The first and great library in Alexandria was the first university. Libraries offers classes for, educational, business learning and personal growth in areas of special interests. These services are aimed at helping and benefiting the community. You should also note that in today’s world, libraries are places of respite and calm. Librarians are able to share knowledge freely. Resource librarians can help you search answers to your questions. In library, people work in unity and harmony.

Library is a gift to the society since adults and children are provided with an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge by exchanging ideas on different topics. There are varieties of books that boost knowledge and benefit the society. Libraries are of great help to the society.